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Twist Outs with Hanging Bantu Knots

It’s no surprise that I am a big fan of twist outs because I love wearing my hair in a defined curl. The only difference between this and my normal twist outs is the hanging bantu knots. To be honest, ever since I started using this method, my twist out game completely changed . Β Hanging bantu knots are just regular bantu knots done at the ends/ tips of the hair. This method gives your twist outs great definition, bounce and volume.


Here is what you will need

A moisturizer ( I used water )

A sealant ( I used whipped black castor oil butter )

Afro pick




1. I started on dry hair. (After washing, air dry your hair for an hour or overnight) I styled this on an old day 3 twist out. Styling on dry hair will minimize shrinkage.

2. Sectioned hair and spritz with water to add moisture. I then applied whipped black castor butter from Shea by Asal to lock in the moisture.


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3. I then didΒ two strand twists on each section and secured the ends with a bantu knot.

4. Once my hair was completely dry which was the next morning, I gently unravelled the twists and separated them where they naturally came apart , then used an afro pick to fluff the roots for more volume.


To preserve the style, I slept with a satin bonnet and fluffed my hair the next morning. The results were more voluminous but less defined curls. You can choose to re twist your hair overnight – its absolutely up to you! But remember over manipulation of our natural hair leads to breakage.

Enjoy the tutorial. I love you guys xoxo


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  • Jane Kendi

    Write your comment here… amazing.are the bantu knots just like twists?

    January 14, 2017 at 9:56 AM

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