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Caring for your hair while Protective styling ft LatchedandHooked

I have stressed on the importance of maintaining a healthy and clean scalp while on a protective styling before. Having a protective style does not mean that you neglect you hair. Lack of taking care of your natural hair underneath your protective style will lead to dry hair. This will eventually weaken your hair and cause breakage during the take down process. We all want our tresses to grow and flourish right? so its important to follow the steps below for a successful protective styling.

Two Cornrows using Sistar Kenya Braids

Hello gorgeous, I hope you have been keeping well.So I had misplaced my hard drive which had images from when I was rocking these cute cornrows about a month ago! Thought I would share with you’ll where I got them installed now that I have traced my hard drive.


Don’t even know what to call these cornrows! Different types of names have been circulating around social media. Dutch braids? French braids?Boxer Braids?Kim K Braids? I just know them as cornrows aka ‘school girl lines’. I’m sure y’all can relate with that.

Easy 2 Flat Twists on Short Natural Hair

Happy Monday Loves, I hope you are keeping well. I wanted to share with you guys easy flat twists style that takes me less than 10 minutes to do.


Flat twists are a great protective style because they keep our ends safely tucked away. Our ends are the oldest part of our hair that as a result tend to often break. We always have to treat them with some extra TLC to avoid breakage. I prefer installing these 2 flat twists most of all on days that I am lazy to style my hair.