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Wash Day After Protective Styling

This is typically how my wash day looks like after a month of protective styling. Protective styles are meant to give our hair a break from the daily manipulation. It’s so easy to experience breakage if you do not carefully undo your protective style, detangle and wash it. My hair was super dry and dirty and this is how I restored it’s life back. I’m showing you all the products that I use and how I wash my hair efficiently.

Caring for your hair while Protective styling ft LatchedandHooked

I have stressed on the importance of maintaining a healthy and clean scalp while on a protective styling before. Having a protective style does not mean that you neglect you hair. Lack of taking care of your natural hair underneath your protective style will lead to dry hair. This will eventually weaken your hair and cause breakage during the take down process. We all want our tresses to grow and flourish right? so its important to follow the steps below for a successful protective styling.

My Favorite Natural Hair Products of 2016

I am finally sharing my favorite natural hair products. I have tried out so many products ever since I went natural. Finally, I am happy that my attempt at not being a product junkie in 2016 was successful hence I was able to narrow down my favorite products. They range from shampoos to moisturizers. All these products are readily available in Nairobi and most of all feature some of my favorite local vendors.

Importance of using Essential Oils in your Natural Hair journey

Essential oils support the health of the scalp and drastically promote hair growth. The oils are extracted from different flowers, seeds etc. and pulled from the purest part of a plant hence making them very potent. They stimulate the hair follicles boosting the growth of our natural hair. They also soothe irritated scalp and help with dandruff. A happy and health scalp equals stronger and healthier hair!Rosemary, Peppermint and Lavender are a few of my favorite essential oils. Let’s break them down below…