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Launch of Dark and Lovely Au Naturale in Kenya

A few weeks ago, I attended the launch of Dark and Lovely Au Naturale range of products in Karen. For years I have watched my fellow hair bloggers in the US rave about the variety of Au Naturale collections but those products were not available in our Kenyan market. Dark and Lovely have been making moves in the natural hair business since 2013 when they created a line for natural hair called Au Naturale. I first inquired about Au Naturale after seeing naturalistas in South Africa using the products and I am so happy that they were planning to launch the collection in Kenya – better late than never!

Love is here to stay ft LOVE IS PROJECT

Love is a feeling that really can’t be described. It’s one of the best feelings in the world and something that makes you smile all the time. Love is a feeling of deep affection, it’s honest and pure and I get to celebrate it every single day.


I had the pleasure of being a part of the Love is Project Campaign last month. I first learnt about Love is project in May 2015 when I met the founder Chrissie Lam.  The story behind this project began in 2012 after Chrissie founded the Supply change, an initiative that connects artisan groups with various brands and creates products for collaborations.

I will be a Guest Speaker at Kinks and Curls Expo in Uganda

My natural hair journey has been an experience of self-discovery, self-love and acceptance. It has strengthened me physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes, I know it’s just hair, but ask a naturalista the struggle that is the natural hair journey! My decision to go natural a few years ago was because I had a ridiculous amount of breakage and damaged hair. Once I made that decision to chop off my hair and start my natural hair journey, there was no looking back.

Initial review of the Perfect Natural Hair Kinky Clip-ins | HerGivenHair

I’ve been feeling myself so much lately, it must be this hair! This hair is giving me Diana Ross vibes.. Yaaaas!! I was super excited when I received it from HerGivenHair. The package only took 5 days to arrive and was sent via DHL. I received 3 packs of their Kinky Clip-ins in 14 and 16 inches. The hair came well packaged in a sleek box which also contains extra clips and a headband to protect the hair overnight. I also received a brochure with guidelines on how to care for the hair.

Wash Day After Protective Styling

This is typically how my wash day looks like after a month of protective styling. Protective styles are meant to give our hair a break from the daily manipulation. It’s so easy to experience breakage if you do not carefully undo your protective style, detangle and wash it. My hair was super dry and dirty and this is how I restored it’s life back. I’m showing you all the products that I use and how I wash my hair efficiently.